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Off The Grid

Dave lives in a tent on the shore of Cantebury.

By choice! Not through circumstances.

Living off Grid is his ideal lifestyle

Love of Light

Photographer Anthony lets us know, where his passion and love for light stems from. A montage of all the places he has been to catch the light in all its glory

First Look at "London at Dawn"

Photographer Anthony talks about his biggest achievement. Hard work and dedication went into his project. This is an inspiring edit of a passionate artist, who shares his journey of creating a photography book.

Venice is Unique

A poetic edit of Anthony's narration of his stay in Venice. A narration about his love for light, his appreciation for the city and his reflection on his photography.

Rush in Paris

To get the perfect Picture of the Eiffel Tower, you need to be there before the Tourists arrive. Was Anthony's whole journey to Paris worth it? Does he get the shot he wants?

Setting up Foyles Exhibition

A montage edit of Anthony's preparation for his upcoming exhibition at Foyles in London.

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