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Commissions & Competitions

ZFF72 - Sweet Cherry

Every year Zurich Film Festival host the "ZFF72" competition. You get 72 hours to create a 72 second film about a subject they choose. Last year the Subject was: Hacking. We asked the question, what can happen when you make new acquaintances via chat forums, but never really know who is on the other side?
Who is behind Jakob88 and will he find what he is longing for in SweetCherry_14?

Ingeborg - Rock that stage

In early July 2018, the singer Ingeborg asked me to document her process of working on her new album "True North".  We decided to do it in a vlog style. Her goal was to bring her fans closer to her work and give them an insight into her life. So I accompanied her to two concerts and filmed a recording session. 

Restaurant "Glueck" - Gin&Dine

In the summer of 2018, I received three commissions from the restaurant "Glueck". They asked me to capture the mood and ambiance of the restaurant. I filmed two events, one of them a "Gin&Dine" evening.

Patrick Scott's - Crime Dinner Musical

I was asked to film Patrick Scott's Crime Dinner Event. He writes crime stories and turns them into musicals, which he performs during a 5-course dinner. I tried to capture the energy and talented cast, while also showing the attentive audience, who were enjoying their night.

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