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The music video "52x5" was a collaboration between the band "Cabinets" and myself. Together we came up with the idea that suited their vision and built a set in which the story played out. In the song the band deals with the theme of a "9 to 5" job, where you feel trapped in a routine and try to escape the daily grind.


I wanted to create a music video to the music "You" by "Petit Biscuit", in which I tried to recreate the images I saw before my eyes when I heard the song. I see sparks, warm colours, contentment, with a certain tension.

A million miles away

 My sister and I went on a little stroll and enjoyed the first sunny spring day. I found the perfect music piece for my footage and decided to edit a short music video.

good enough?

We enter a colourful world where the main character is carefree and has no worries. Who doesn't wish to be free of worrying about how other people perceive you? She daydreams of a person she wants to be, but every dream ends and we have to get back to reality. 

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