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Head of Post-Production

I work at "VIVEN AG", a Zurich-based company that specializes in branded videos. I'm in charge of the post-production department, which means I handle the whole editing process. This included watching the rushes, making rough cuts, incorporating client feedback, fine-tuning the edit, picturelocks and adding subtitles and finalizing every project.

Siemens - Working Students

Siemens offers opportunities for personal growth, connections with diverse individuals, and a variety of career paths within our #TeamSiemens. We prioritize enjoyment and provide flexibility to accommodate everything that matters in your life.

SV Schweiz AG - Innovationsfilm

SV Schweiz AG highlights the remarkable teamwork between their IT Department and Kitchen, demonstrating a harmonious and effective collaboration that works seamlessly together. They operate with the precision of a well-oiled machine, and the story behind their synchronized efforts is truly fascinating.

Meteomatics - Employer Branding

Meteomatics, a Swiss innovator in weather technology, is where passion meets precision. Join their dedicated team and be part of shaping the future of weather data solutions. Explore exciting career opportunities that fuel your curiosity and expertise in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.

Merkle - Devenir

Devenir is an interactive installation that lets users control a digital world only with the power of their mind. By mixing data and emotion, we create pure and immediate interactions, sparking ideas and discussions on how digital can extend the human body.