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Post-Production Operator

I work at "stories AG", a Zurich-based production company. They specialise in storytelling and work with around 200 creative freelancers to find the right crew for each film. I am responsible for the final steps of film projects. For example: picture locks, mastering, adding subtitles and artworks or any last adaptations required. It's my dream to be more heavily involved in the post-production process, specifically editing the raw footage.

Swisscom - wind of change

Swisscom is always there, leading the way and providing us with the digital platform through which we can realise ourselves. The Giger brothers have packed this message into a powerful film. With impactful images and a playful voice-over, they have placed people and their stories at the center, which we have not often seen in Swiss advertising films.

Mobiliar - live your life

When Mobiliar commissions a corporate film from stories, it also gets a visually powerful and emotional story: Strokes of fate and the resulting opportunities are shown in three independent narrative threads. Mobiliar stands next to it and helps when it matters.

Appenzeller - Nightmare

Imagine that you have revealed the secret recipe for Appenzeller cheese. The world is in turmoil, the mob is after you ... a horror show. Luckily, however, it was only a nightmare and the recipe remains a secret. The Giger brothers have realised this horror in a visually stunning and gripping way and added a new episode to the seemingly endless story of the attempt to get the famous secret recipe.

Avina - Manifesto

For the new website of the Avina Foundation, director Humbi Entress created a visually powerful manifesto in which Foundation founder Stephan Schmidheiny calls on young pioneers to be brave and break new ground in the field of food production.  Because this is about much more than just Switzerland. Or as Stephan Schmidheiny says: "This is about the future of our planet. And how to help save it.

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